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good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> breaking news in san francisco. sky 7 overhead after a swedish sail boat cap sized in the bay practicing for the america's cup races. one sailer died and 10 others were rescued. >> abc 7 news learned andrew simpson died in the accident.
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he's a british double olympic medalist. and happening right now, you can see a catamaran is being towed and there it will be tied up for inspection. >> we have a pru of -- view of this for you from the ground. this is being towed to shore. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon. abc 7 news is live in alameda for us with the story. mark? >> we're at the boat yard and behind me, you can see the place looks deserted. crew members took off several hours ago. after this accident happened they went to try to help the yacht cap sized around 1:00 in the afternoon before city front and alcatras island. the 72 foot catamaran sailing in winds gusting over 25 miles per hour.
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when they flip over, it can be catastrophic, sending crew members flying into yachts wing or into the water, we're hearing the olympic sailor was trapped under the boat either mr the wing or one of the pontoons as much as 10 minutes. he and one other crew member was rushed to the dock at the st. francis yacht club. the gold medalist could not be safed. he won a gold in the star boat class. he just joined the team in february this afternoon, paul cart said the team is devastated by what happened. our condolences are with his wife and family. and just moments ago san francisco fire chief expressed
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her condolences. >> it's a tragic day fr someone well known, and well regarded as an expert racer. and everyone works hard to not have this outcome. and our hearts go out to the family of the member of the racing team. >> the yacht is being towed. artemis has two 72 footers. it's too soon to say if it will be repaired in time for the races but we saw this year with the oracle yacht that went over in spectacular fashion. it was devastated and they were able to rebuild the pontoons, get the boat back in the water. they had to use a rebuilt wing. that is of very little concern to the team. their thoughts are with andrew
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simpson's family. there is a news conference scheduled here at 5:00. we'll be back with that on abc 7 news. >> they will bring you that news conference. >> as mentioned this happened before. the last time a yacht cap sized on san francisco bay this is the oracle ac 72 that broke into pieces. the yacht was destroyed. we have live coverage of it. and thankfully, all of the sailors were able to escape without injury. >> take a look at this. parents pushing to get onto the football field. that is where parents were gathered. parents received a phone message alerting them to an emergency and a near riot broke out. they waited hours before
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students were released. >> i have to be in line again? no. that is what i'm screaming right now. i'm mad. >> we have to have them line up and release them just like this. >> school officials checked identification of students and no bomb was found many parents sate school needs to review the pick up policy. >> a hazmat scare closed a post office this, morning the fire department was called to a post office on pine street after several workers found white powder on their clothing. those workers walked about a block away. that created concern of possible contamination at the hospital emergency room. sky 7 hd was above the
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hospital when hazmat responders entered. the powder was determined to be from fiber that's came from a conveyor belt inside of the post office and the fire department says they were not toxic. >> the man accused of holding three women hostage made a first court appearance today. >> aerial castro stood silent in the courtroom and did not enter a plea. a prosecutor says aggravated murder charges could be filed related to multiple pregnancies terminate bid force and they may seek the death penalty in this case. his mother added she's suffering for her son on good morning america his daughter arlene said she didn't know anything was going on and had these words for the former friend gina dejesus. >> i'm absolutely so, so sorry.
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i really want to see genea. i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything. >> this is more shocking because the families have known each other for years. aerial castro helped during the search for gina. >> taking a look at the backyard of the house where the women were held police say they never left the grounds and were only allowed outside twi.s the victims say they were threatened, starved and raped, and also said one had five pregnancies aborted by the suspect who punched her, causing her miscarriages. >> oakland moving forward with a major shake up this morning the bratton group saying there were problem was police work that suggested major changes including basing detectives at police substations rather than
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having them work downtown. the report also found there was only a part time investigator just one assigned to 10,000 cases. the acting police chief said he will implement recommendation autos already started the process of identifying a personnel and the loks where we will decentralize our criminal investigations division, putting them into the districts. so we're committed to that. >> the plan laid out today. there was no mention of the surprising retirement of now former chief howard jordan. >> police in mountain view looking for these two suspects in connection with a lottery scam. telling their victim they had winning lottery tickets, offering to share if the victim exchanged money and jewelry. once the victim handed over the valuables the pair took off. the suspects described as
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hispanic, in their 20s or 30s, seen driving a newer black ford suv. >> today the crime caught on camera by abc 7 news. take a look. a wrong turn after a theft in san francisco. a man there pedaling with a pricey bicycle marked -- parked at energizer station. >> i couldn't chase him. he was on my bike and i was on foot. i couldn't catch up to him. >> the bike owner called police, they took a report and they're looking for the man and that stolen bike. >> a theft didn't spoil the start of bike to workday. ed lee helping kickoff the event peddling to city hall today with members of his staff that group organized 26
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energizer stations around town handing out snacks and beverages to rider autos it was a great day to get out there on the bicycle. >> take a look at the forecast now. >> beautiful day. cool near the coastline. some low clouds near the ko. a live view right now from our roof camera looking at the bay bridge. lots of blue skies, 57 here in san francisco. mild 64 across the bay in oakland, 65 in san jose. 55 in half moon bay. another live view at lake tahoe. more readings, 63 in santa rosa. now a live view of the golden gate bridge taking a look at the first forecast. we'll see partly cloudy skies this evening becoming cloudier
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and tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and mild. and i'll have the accu-weather forecast later, larry, carolyn? >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 abercromie & fitch accused of discrimination against certain customers. >> big praise for fremont car maker tesla after reporting first profit autos new at 4:30 building a field of dreams. major road block san francisco is facing to get golden investigate park soccer fields upgraded. >> and michael finney still taking your questions on twitter and face book. you can contact michael on abc 7 as well as on twitter. >> taking a look at traffic right now, it's slow going for drivers on the left-hand side
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of the screen trying to make their way east. and not too much
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retailer abercromie & fitch is finding itself on the hot seat because the ceo refuses to sell plus-sized clothing. abc news went inside of the flagship store looking for
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larger sizes. size 10 was the biggest they had available. the average-sized woman in the u.s. wears size 14. one retail expert points out the ceo mike jeffries knows who he wants buying his clothing. >> very, very successful and he doesn't want anyone in the store, that doesn't fit that cool, young, sexy definition. >> in 2006 jeffries told "salon" quote we go after the attractive all-american kid. a lot of people don't belong in our clothes and they can't belong. are we exclusionary? absolutely. >> consumer reports praises tesla and linkedn celebrating 10 years. >> yes. good afternoon. i am at linkedn in mountain view. the world's largest professional network began 10
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years ago in reed hoffman's living room with 25 million users it continues to evolve and helps users stay on top of news, president obama in texas urging lawmakers to approve more medical spending on technology-based education. he made the push from austin. the president says to serve as an example to the country. consumer reports awarded tesla, model s with highest rating receiving a score of 99 out of 100. and news comes after tesla reported a first quarterly profit thanks to better than estimated sales of the car. tesla is now the top seller of rechargeable cars in the united states after sales
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surpassed those of gms chevy volt. stocks declined today despite weekly jobless claims falling to a five-year low. your bloomberg silicon valley index dropping as shares of adobe and apple split. and you tube set to begin selling subscriptions to 30 channels of content. each will cost from 99 cents to $7.99 a month. from mountain view, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> thank you. i'll be watching the mixed marshal arts channel. >> i know you will be. >> it's beautiful, but gusty. >> especially at the coast. it's nice, beautiful and mild inland. you can see low clouds at the
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coast. it has been the pattern of late. we've got sunny skies in most inland locations right now. cloudy skies there. you might be able to detect shakiness because of the strong breeze there. forecast features, low clouds overnight, sunny, mild tomorrow, we'll see warmer mother's day weekend weather so it's going to be a lovely weekend ahead. satellite composite image shows a movement of the systems 12 hours or so. that destabilizing system brought us weird, wacky weather pushed to our east. high pressure now rebuilding bringing us dry conditions, tonight look for areas of low clouds and fog pushing beyond the coast across the bay. low temperatures into the low 50s today. and then, tomorrow, starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning at which point we'll have areas of fog and low clouds but that will turn away during morning
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hours. by mid day we'll see sunny skies even along the coastline. 60s to 70s around the bay and low 80s into warmest inland locations. south bay, upper 70s. 80 in morgan hill. 75 palo alto. mid to upper 60s on the coast. north bay, 77 in santa rosa. 80 in napa. inland east bay highs around or just above 80 up to about 82 in fairfield and antioch. 79 livermore and concord. here is the accu-weather forecast. upper 80s inland, close to 90
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by sunday which is mother's day. up to 80s on the bay, then temperatures remaining on the warm side most of next week dropping off a few degrees but not sharply. >> thank you. >> up next, a kiss. most people pucker up. what happened when a guy did not want to smooch his girl? >> an unusual bond this family rising their children side by side with these wild cheetahs. >> northbound traffic heading towards marin starting to back up a little bit. some folks heading to
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neil patrick harris lands a new gig. >> here is today's hollywood report. >> neil patrick harris has just been tapped to host broadway's biggest night, mcing the tony awards in june, marking the fourth time in the position. a broadway veteran he said he's excited to be back and that the show will rock carey
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washington hides her relationship from her family. >> he's really silly and sort of insecure and it's fun to be those things. you can catch carey tonight on abc. before scandal you can check out the return of summer wipeout. otrc on set for the 100 episode z jill wagner had words of advice. >> you look at the guys and women out here they work out all the time. they're not doing any better than people that doesn't work out. so what does that tell you? america? don't waste time in the gym. for the rest of the headlines head over to otr of the >> you know kiss cam has become popular at sporting
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events. couples shown on the stadium video screens supposed to smooch. >> it doesn't work out. you be the judge whether or not you think is real. kiss cam last friday night. he's too busy on a cell phone ignoring his the cam she had enough, throwing her drink in his face and storms off, there, you can see the team mascot going after her, people say this is staged. >> what do you think? >> this looks phony to me. >> yes. i don't know. look at the reaction. >> and awaiting mascot. the hero. >> yes. yes. >> helping save the day, of course. >> ready to kiss. >> still ahead regulating limo scenes in california. why officials say it's something they may not be able to enforce. >> plus, right out of oceans 11 hackers steal millions from
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banks around the world in minutes. how they pulled off this scheme. >> and britain's prince harry welcomed in our nation's capital. important issues he's lobbying for on the
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the state public utilities commission commissioners discussed that horrific limo crash. >> they were told how difficult it might be if the legislature decides to make changes in the safety code for limos. >> abc 7 news reporter vick slee in the studio with the story only on 7. vic? >> just to be clear, it's the puc not the chp. judging from the meeting today it seem as parent the p.u.c. swril a tough time meetding any new significant changes in making limousines safer. they question their director of safety enforcement and told there are is no requirement for fire extinguishers in limousines with eight or fewer passengers and hagan told commissioners if required it would have to be stored in the trunk in this case would not have mattered z added that in
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the passenger compartments could pose a greater risk. most questions today focused on lack of safety inspections for limos. those with 10 or fewer people aboard are not required to undergo regular safety inspections and summing up problems if the legislature passed this bill mandating safety inspections for all limos. >> to step into arena would be an increase in our mission which would require more people, more equipment, more training. >> and to give you an idea there are 10,000 limo seenz licensed with the p.u.c. across the state. that is a lot of vehicles to inspect and says he expects the chp investigation to last about a month. we learned
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federal department of trance pore are taigs has stepped in to interview the owner of limo stop. >> thank you. a fund set up to help the families of the four survivors and five victims of the fire. their frinldz and the bride all perished in the blaze. anyone wishing to donate can do so at any bank of america branch. >> congressional hearings started on boston marathon bombings and whether attacks could have been prevented. abc news learned police received intelligence four days before the attack extremists might try to target the final stage of the race, however no, credible threat they say had been identified. lawmakers want to know why the fbi did not tell boston about
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possible connections. >> my fear is that boston bombers may have succeeded because our sis -- system failed. we can, we must do better. >> the body of of the tammerlan tsarnaev have -- has been buried. his younger brother jahar tsarnaev remains in custody and faces charges of terrorism and using a weapon of mass destruction. >> seven people have been arrested and charged with carrying out one of the largest financial heists in modern times. they did it without ever stepping foot inside of a bank. prosecutor says the seven stole $45 million by hacking their way into a data base of prepaid debit cards then used stolen pin numbers to withdraw cash from atms in 26 countries world wide remotely. >> this was a 21 century bank
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heist that reached through the internet to span the globe. but instead of guns and mask, the organization used lap tops and malware, moving at the speed of the internet. >> an 8th person was murdered in the dominican republic last month. the feds say the loot was used to buy rolex watches, luxury cars and other items. >> washington, d.c. giving prince harry a royal welcome. his first stip to the u.s. since making headlines in las vegas, today a different scene. he was clothe chd is good. he stopped to meet a group of michelle -- mothers and michelle obama. earlier he -- and tomorrow will go to attend wounded warrior games. >> san francisco's plan to renovate a soccer field got a
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go ahead today this, project updates the feel that sits near the beach chalet. the update faced scrutiny because it calls for replacing the natural grass with artificial turf. >> well, the state coastal commission is siding with the city in this controversy. going against the advice of its own staff. the advice came this afternoon after a heated hearing that lasted several hours. >> what about the kids? >> there are toxic issues that need to be seriously considered. >> there have been passionate debate about the soccer fields in golden gate park. rec and park department wants to renovate four fields built
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back in 1933 putting in artificial turf and lighting. >> this is in horrible condition. the change will make it as an athletic facility. >> 12,000 kids deal with gopher holes and muddy conditions. opponents say turf is not the answer. >> i'm opposed because i think that the children need the natural grass. and it's healthier for them, the animals and people. >> there is nobody in the -- in the recreation and parks department paying attention to environmental concerns and for maintaining the area autos the city says toxic issues have been stud skbreed risks are outweighed by benefits. four city bodies approved the
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project. now, the coastal commission which has jurisdiction over a slice of the field supporters are ready to move forward. >> we've never been a pastoral meadow. they've always been in disrepair. the sierra club says a lawsuit challenges planning claiming it did not follow the state environmental law. >> all doom and gloom the tough heart breaking loss on monday at golden state. a lead now everybody is smiling because warriors rebounded last night in a huge way winning for the first time since 1997. 30 loszs until last night's victory. game three, tomorrow night in what will be a raukus oracle
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arena. you've got three games and five days. spurs are kind of old. >> they do have experience factor but we have the youth factor. playing these games every day is benefiting us. we're able to do that. we're so young. that team can probably use a rest. >> we can't come home thinking oracle is going to be crazy, fans goring to get to us win. we have to do what we've been doing and have to get the fans to win to try to feed off some of that energy. >> you can watch game four of the series right here on abc 7 want to see your pride? e mail your fan photos to us
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at you >> exciting time autos yes. >> still head take a look at the incredible video. young children growing upside by side with cheetahs. one family is raising these big cats and their babies together. >> i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. you can contact me on and on abc 7. >> we've seen cloudy skies, breezy, cool right now. what does mother's day weekend hold? i'll have the forecast coming up. >> checking the commute 280 and highway 17. traffic 280 north going towards cupertino.
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left back towards oakland there. is no stoppage in this picture, stay w
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i want to share this remarkable story. a family's adopted pets two wild cheetahs. >> the animals best friends with their two little children.
4:42 pm
abc 7 with the story. >> the incredible documentary making headlines it's called cheetah house. take a look. a cheetah on a leash playing catch, riding in the driver's seat. and this. two cheetahs playing with toddlers. 1-year-old kayla and her 3-year-old brother treat the cheat yaz like pets. >> humans and animals can live together and respect each other. >> a year ago they didn't think mama cheetah could take care of the four kitties so the assumeans adopted two of them. >> when you're around them, you need to establish dominance and respect first of all. and maintain that. >> we showed the video to columbus zoo director
4:43 pm
emeritus. >> these kids are cuddling the cheetah autos yes. they are. >> and it's okay. >> baby cheetahs raised with them as baby autos he says cheetahs are gentle. remember, farrows kept cheetahs as companions but though it's one heck of a photo op he says don't try this at home. >> if i wanted to go out to get a cheetah not a good idea? >> no. this is not shg you go out to think you can do yourself. >> they're now training them to hunt getting them ready to some day leave the house. >> will they go visit their cheetah they'll be seeing that beautiful creature out there that. is how far they'll stay from it. and let it be a cheetah. >> wow. >> yes. >> i would let them be a cheetah right now. >> yes. >> yeah let's check on the forecast now. >> with spencer christian. >> i'll take a gold fish. taking a look around the live
4:44 pm
doppler 7 hd 6 -- tonight. we'll see sunny skies tomorrow. this evening at at and t park under chilly baseball conditions. dropping during several hours to plate game. sunset 808. tomorrow, mild in loks with high temperatures in 60s and 70s with lots of showers and showers in the east or great lakes. that includes lots of warm weather with highs 94 had in chico. 88 sacramento. 91 in fresno. here in the bay area, we'll see sunny skies and milder conditions tomorrow afternoon than today with highs in into
4:45 pm
upper 70s to low 80s inland. 70s around the bay. will remain cool and crisp at the coast tomorrow with highs only in the upper 50s we'll see areas warming up more into the weekend. mother aez day looking terrific. >> coming up, forget the patch .s one woman takes an extreme measure to kick her smoking habit. how she landed herself in jail. >> and problem children could be at ritz being of developing if their mother gets the flu during pregnancy. >> i'm michael finney wh. can a collection agency
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how about a flap in sacramento a woman's crusade to get sent to jail where smoking is banned saying she slapped him as he left for work at the sacramento county jail responding by slapping handcuffs on lopez then hauling her to jail. >> all of a sudden she slapped
4:49 pm
me in the face. >> he explained it with great detail as to y i have never been assaulted like that. >> an officer or deputy she wanted to assault so she can get arrested. an ont smoking group points out how big of a problem cigarettes are. >> this afternoon, doctors usually recommend flu shots for pregnant women. research indicates it might protect their children down the road. a study finds possible link between flu curing pregnancy and children developing bipolar disorder later in live. they discovered a four fold increase for people whose mothers had the flu. authors say more research needs to be done.
4:50 pm
>> jacob and sophia topped most popular baby names again. for girls, sophia leads the way followed by isabella and ava. social security administration have popular baby names dating back to 1880. among fastest rising names are for boys are king and messiah. >> if you're showing up with a name like messiah you better be bringing something special to the party. >> i'm thinking. >> can a collection agency intercept funds from a tax resnund. >> they can, but only under
4:51 pm
specific conditions and reasons. overdue child support, income tax owd and student loans. a basic car loan or something from a credit kafrd they're on their own. >> an auto dealership ran an ad for a vehicle. i went to look at the vehicle they told me they won't sell it to me at the advertised price. is this right? >> in california there is a law saying any consumer buying an advertised car has to get the lowest advertised price even if they don't know bit. they have to give it to you no matter what. sheer what i'm concerned about. if you notice there is a vin number at the bottom that says
4:52 pm
one. >> right. >> so show up early saturday morning if there is a very good deal you're waiting for you'll see it on pickup trucks. >> there is more. >> yes. >> karen writes i'm going to italy. set better to exchange money once or should i use a credit card? >> i'm going to save you a ton of money. about 18% to 20%. you've got to use a card and atm machine but the credit card might not be the one you have in your hachbld you want one with no foreign transaction fee. they're charging 3%. ridiculous. >> nice to know there is more of those out there that don't
4:53 pm
ding you like that. >> there are and when buying something in europe and they say do you want me to convert this to us us dollars? you say no. don't do that. >> okay. thank autos sure. >> a once in a lifetime moment. >> an act of kindness from matt kemp. you'll hear from a lucky fan, next. >> a south bay day care closed after inspectors make a disturbing discovery involving a child in a closet.
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here is a look at the prime time line up on abc 7.
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and join us at 5:00. >> a fan is on cloud 9 after a selfless gesture. >> the video has gone viral. he didn't just autograph a ball he gave him his hat, jersey and his shoes. >> reporter tim daily talked to josh jones about this special moment. >> josh's friend shot it with his phone. his dad asked to see if mat kemp could come say hi when the came is -- game is over. >> he gave me a thumbs up. i'm like wow it's going to happen. >> matt kemp shakes hands and autographs a baseball, gave josh his hat, his jersey, even his shoes. >> i'm going to remember it forever. so this experience will last in there. >> now, he can wear the jersey, that is his own hat for the
4:58 pm
interview. >> his hat was kind of sweat yeechl i didn't want to put that on. >> this video has become very popular on the internet. >> i thought matt kemp was that kind of a guy but now, i know it's true. >> josh? he has a message are for other youngsters dealing with the same pain and suffering. >> those kids who have cancer, stay strong and just live life to the fullest. >> tim daily reporting there. >> what a great guy in that situation. >> absolutely. he didn't feel too crazy about the sweaty cap. funny line by josh. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news. >> a training exercise takes a tragic turn for an america's
4:59 pm
cup member who is a two time olympic medalist. >> what allegedly went on behind closed doors of this day care center that forced inspectors to close it. >> i'm sandhya patel. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center temperatures in one direction and that is up. >> training on the bay turns deadly for a racing team from sweden. the artemis cattamaran cap sized killing a team member. >> andrew simpson died in this accident. the team is getting ready to hold a news conference any moment now. we'll take that for you live as soon as it happens but we begin with abc 7 news reporter
5:00 pm
mark matthews uk see where the news conference is going to be held and you can see cameras waiting for the ceo to come talk to us. the yacht cap sized at 1:00 this afternoon while practicing for races. we have pictures from abc 7 sky 7 hd. the 72 foot catta marcha marchan -- catamaran flipped over. the wind range, very dicey and these are hugely overpowered. the kofrt guard says it's not sure what caused this boat to cap size. we'll hopefully know more about what happened as this news conpresence gets underway. we've seen when the yachts flip that crew members are often pitched into the water, 36-year-old simpson was thrown into the bay and

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